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Teaching in Hong Kong

I am a passionate believer in research informing teaching. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching, from the University of Kent (UK) and a Professional Certificate of “Excellence” in Teaching from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (SAR, China).

Recently, I was awarded both the prestigious CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award (2021) for Outstanding Teaching alongside the CUHK Faculty of Social Sciences Exemplary Teaching Award (2021) for Outstanding Teaching.  I was Ranked First in the Faculty of Social Sciences at CUHK for my outstanding teaching in 2021.

I am currently in negotiation with the publisher SAGE about writing a groundbreaking textbook for Undergraduate students, based on my extensive teaching with the provisional Title: “Understanding Politics” (Tentative Publication Date: 2024).

I draw on a wide range of Applied Flipped classroom teaching methods, such as Simulations (Model EU), Online Lectures & Group Discussions via Live Online Zoom & Panopto Softwares (with the Zoom Break-Out Feature), small scale interactive Tutorial style learning in Cafés alongside Applied Data Lab sessions and Online Group Project Presentations.

I have taught on the MSSc Greater China Programme alongside the MSSc in Public Policy (MPUP) Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have also been a Guest Lecturer/ Consultant for the Europe Asia Policy Centre for Comparative Research (HKBU) alongside the Master of Science in International & Development Economics (MIDE) at Lingnan University. These topics have related to Brexit, Populism, Developmental Economics and Comparative Asian Politics. Recently, I also contributed as a Guest Speaker for the HKU Online MOOC, “Europe Without Borders”.

I will teach two Undergraduate level courses in the School of Arts & Social Sciences at Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) in 2022-2023 alongside teaching on the Masters of Social Sciences (with specialization in Global Governance) (MSSCGGF). From Spring 2023, I will serve as the Course Leader (Course Co-ordinator) for the courses GAPG A824F (Global Political Economy: Theories & Key Issues) and GAPG A833F (Global Governance) at HKMU.

Hong Kong Metropolitan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

At HKMU, I will teach the following courses:

Courses Name
Courses Code
Civil Society and Governance (UG Level) - Year 3 & 4 Students
Foundations of Social Sciences: Political Science(UG Level) - Year 1 Students
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